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Dec 21, 2022

Welcome to the Christmas episode of Travel Matters, also recorded at TBEX Asia in Phuket, Thailand.

In this one Tomiko is sitting in for Rick in the interview with Indonesian travel blogger and author Trinity Traveler aka “The Naked Traveler”.

Trinity is Indonesia's leading travel writer, author of 15 best-selling books incl. The Naked Traveler series and a blogger since 2005. She’s had such an interesting life that her life story was turned into two movies. Not many of us can say that.

You can also hear about Rick chasing his new Alaska dog in the rain and about him being afraid of being replaced on the podcast.

Follow Trinity on Instagram and Facebook.

This episode of Travel Matters was recorded at TBEX Asia in Phuket, Thailand, and hosted by TBEX CEO Rick Calvert and The Radio Vagabond, Palle Bo.

Happy Christmas!