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Apr 21, 2020

In this episode, we talk continue talking with several TBEX Europe attendees who still went to Catania Italy after TBEX Europe 2020 had been postponed.

We will hear about their impressions of Sicily and Catania; what it was like to be traveling when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the entire country of Italy on March 10th; How they got home and how things are on the ground where they are now. 

Their stories give great context to how fast the Covid-19 Pandemic broke out of Wuhan China and quickly consumed the entire world.

Doro Staub is our first guest. Her blog is where she writes about cycling in Italy. Doro is still in Sicily, staying in Aci Castello a neighboring seaside town to Catania.  

Our next guest is long time travel writer Carla Rupp who is in New York City on lockdown and self-quarantine with her son Jason Rupp. She explains what it is like to be social distancing at home in the center of the Covid19 pandemic. Here is a recent example of Carla’s writing at Jim Ferri’s Never Stop Traveling Site.

Then we talk with full time nomads Nathan Sado and Sara Hughes of Live Dream Discover. They are currently sheltering in place in Budapest Hungary.  Nathan and Sarah were two months into scheduled months long trip through Europe including six weeks in Sicily when the pandemic struck. They have a great post on their short time in Florence here and have lots more content coming about Sicily.

Then we talk with Alex Kalimanis publisher of Wanderlust Marriage from Washington DC. Alex has a great post here where he details what he went through to get home here.

Lastly, our co-host, Radio Vagabond Palle Bo is currently weathering the lockdown in Cape Town South Africa. While he isn’t able to explore on this trip, In this episode he shares the Top Ten Things You Can See in Cape Town in a Week during normal times.