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Jun 15, 2021

Get the scoop on where and when the next TBEX Europe will take place.

Listen now, and get the news before anyone else.

Jun 3, 2021

We have missed you!

Listen to this episode of Travel Matters, and read the newsletter from Rick below: 

We hope you have been safe and healthy throughout the last year and are looking forward to traveling again soon. We are very optimistic about the future of travel and TBEX events. This is going to be a long one but...

Oct 12, 2020

Welcome to the second episode of Travel Matters. 
Rick Calvert and Palle Bo talk about TBEX North America 2019 in Billings, Montana. How did it go, and how was it different than previous events?
Rick reveals that there were more older people than usual.


There were many new faces again this year,...

Jul 17, 2020

This is a quick bonus episode, where TBEX CEO, Rick Calbert shares some breaking news about upcoming TBEX events.

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Travel Matters is hosted by The Radio Vagabond, Palle Bo and TBEX CEO, Rick Calbert, and produced by

Jul 15, 2020

Today our guest is Martinique Lewis one of the founders of Black Travel Alliance. Martinique is a digital disrupter in love with all things travel.

She is a TBEX Speaker Alum and has been in the travel industry for three years now as a creator, a diversity in travel consultant, and as an influencer and creator...