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Apr 9, 2020

In this episode, we talk to several TBEX Europe attendees who still went to Catania after the event was postponed. They share their impressions of Sicily and Catania. They share what it was like to be traveling when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the entire country of Italy. Little did anyone know this was just the second step in the CoronaVirus’ march across the world. They also share how they got home and what it is like in their home countries or next destination.  

We start this episode with Kemkem Casanelli who runs Next Bite of Life with her partner Frederico. KemKem joins us from Spain.

We then talk to Penny Zebula and Simon Lock from Six Legs Will Travel Penny has a blog post about her thoughts on the Pandemic titled Blog post: Coronavirus, Europe, and “What the Hell Do We Do Now?"

YouTuber Jason Rupp joins us to explain how the CoronaVirus chased him around the world from Wuhan, to Catania and finally to New York where he is now in isolation with his mom and fellow travel writer Carla Rupp. This post give you a sense of the unique travel content on Jason’s site:


Jason also shared a post with us from an American Expat YouTuber who claims to see where CoronaVirus actually originated. This YouTuber Laowhy86’s research has not been repeated in several mainstream American media including the Washington Post. His normal content is simply about living in China as an expat and his view of Chinese people’s perspectives on the world. Yet another example of the power of independent content creators.

Lastly, here is a link to our co-host Palle Bo’s The Radio Vagabond Podcast episode where speaks to bloggers, nomads and tour operators all over the world