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Jun 15, 2022

Leo Long is a travel writer from China and a first timer at TBEX. Hear what he thinks about being here just a few hours into TBEX Europe in Marbella, Spain.

In this episode we also talk to Kerwin McKenzie. Kerwin is originally from Jamaica, and is an ex-airline employee who is now a travel content creator, author, and public speaker. He’s worked in various capacities at four U.S.-based airlines for 14.5 years, flown 181 airlines, and visited 137 countries/territories (105 UN).

Today, he runs for airline employees, with information about airline travel, with details about 365 under-visited destinations, and, which provides travel information for Houston, Texas. He also cooks Jamaican food at

Kerwin has attended 17 TBEX conferences, again here at TBEX Europe he did the first timers’ briefing. What is the best way to get the most out of a TBEX conference?

We’re also talking to Kerwin about Black Travel Alliance, a professional non-profit organization, created in 2020 to encourage, educate, equip and excel black travel professionals in education, media, and corporate positions.

You can follow Kerwin on TikTok and on Instagram as @LoyaltyTravels. Also, you can follow TBEX on TikTokand on Instagram.

This episode of Travel Matters recorded at TBEX Europe in Marbella, Spain and hosted by TBEX CEO, Rick Calvert and The Radio Vagabond, Palle Bo.